Coach Tuchel severely criticized the Bayern players

Coach Tuchel was extremely disappointed after seeing Bayern Munich lose painfully to Lazio in the first leg of the 1/8 round of the C1 Cup.

Bayern is rated much higher than Lazio, but they delivered an extremely poor performance in Italy. Coach Tuchel’s team could not score, and was also conceded by the opponent once. The 0-1 loss to Lazio puts the Bavarian “Gray Tigers” at a disadvantage before the second leg at Allianz Arena. 

After the match, coach Tuchel did not hesitate to criticize the performance of Bayern players: “Bayern should have led Lazio in the first half. We had 3 clear opportunities. Meanwhile in the second half, The whole team couldn’t create certainty. Everything seemed like a joke.

Bayern made many individual mistakes and we had to take penalties. I have no questions about Upamecano’s red card. With a performance like that, we deserved to lose the match.”

Bayern’s performance has had many problems in recent times. They are at risk of being eliminated from the C1 Cup , while in the Bundesliga championship race , coach Tuchel’s army is being left behind by Leverkusen. But when reporters asked Coach Tuchel if he was afraid of being fired, the German strategist replied confidently: “Not at all.”

Coinciding with the time Bayern lost the match, there was also information that Barcelona was interested in recruiting coach Tuchel. The Camp Nou home team understands the difficulties this strategist faces in Germany, so they want to give him the job in Catalunya.

Barcelona is planning to find a replacement for coach Xavi, who announced that he will leave the team when the 2023/24 season ends. According to SPORT (Spain) newspaper, Coach Tuchel is Barcelona’s second priority choice, behind Hansi Flick, but Tuchel even actively contacted Barca through his representative to replace Xavi.

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