The South Korean team is in internal strife over playing table tennis in the Asian Cup

Pera57 Casino News Service, Beijing, February 14th. In the semi-finals of the Asian Cup in Qatar, the South Korean team was defeated by the “dark horse” Jordan team 0:2 and failed to complete its goal of winning the championship. This game once triggered strong dissatisfaction among Korean fans against the team and coach Klinsmann, and the storm has not subsided yet.

British media reported on the 14th that before the game against Jordan, players of the South Korean team had a conflict at dinner, and the team’s top star Son Heung-min dislocated his finger.

The report quoted sources as saying that some young players, including Li Gangren, left their seats to play table tennis after a quick dinner. Captain Son Heung-min expressed dissatisfaction and hoped that his teammates would rest more. The young players retorted and a physical altercation ensued.

Later, the Korean media KBS TV station asked Korean Football Association officials for confirmation. The other party confirmed the news and said that Korean Football Association Chairman Chung Mong-kyu was aware of the conflict within the national team.

The media also reported that the night before the game, Son Heung-min and some other veteran players approached coach Klinsmann and requested that Lee Gang-in be excluded from the roster, but Klinsmann eventually placed Lee Gang-in in the starting lineup.

In that semi-final, the Korean team performed poorly. Facing the Jordan team, ranked 87th in the world, the Korean team did not hit the target with any shot. The Jordan team shot as many as 17 times, of which 7 were on target.

The few opportunities the Korean team had came in the first half. One was Lee Jae-sung’s header from outside the penalty area and hit the post. The other was the unmarked Hwang In-beom’s shot near the penalty spot. The two forward stars, Son Heung-min and Lee Gang-in, performed mediocrely.

Son Heung-min said in an interview after the game: “I apologize to the players, fans and the people of the country.” He also asked fans not to criticize the players, “The players did not do anything wrong. If they want to condemn me, I can accept it. “

“I have to consider whether I can continue to play for the national team in the future. Coach Klinsmann may not consider me anymore, and I don’t know what will happen in the future.” Sun Xingmin said.

Li Gangren said in the post-match interview: “I feel very sorry. What I want to say now is, please don’t criticize any player. If you want to criticize, please criticize me. In the future, I will work harder to improve myself and play the role that the fans want.” of football.”

Korean media reported that the conflict between the Korean team was mentioned at the recent high-level meeting of the Korean Football Association. But there are also voices that some people are trying to divert attention and shift the focus of the conflict from “whether Klinsmann will be dismissed from get out of class” to “internal strife in the team.” (over)

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